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Supplies needed:
21 gauge round half-hard wire
various beads
fine Scripto permanent marker
chain nose pliers
round nose pliers
flush cutters
flat nose pliers
clasp of your choice (may need jump rings depending on clasp used)
Click on picture to enlarge
Bend 1 1/2" of wire to a 90 degree angle.

Take your round nose pliers and grab the wire at the bend.

Note: Take your marker and place a mark on your chain nose and round nose pliers. These marks will keep your loop form and coils a consistent size.
Then grab the wire and wrap it over your chain nose pliers where you have marked it.

Note: Look at loop you have begun to form...gently roll your hand over while holding your round nose pliers...making your beginning loop to sit in line with the remaining wire.
 Continue to wrap wire around till desired number of wraps is attained. Keep your chain nose pliers steady and placed as shown.
Make sure your wire is straight and more to the top. I use my chain nose pliers for an easier grip and more concise wrapping.
Keep your wire straight when going around the base wire, and if you have an upward pull, your coil will come out more uniform.
Trim wire flush and gently tap end of cut wire with chain nose pliers till even with the coil you have formed under the loop.
Your started link should look like this. Now slide on the desired beads and follow the previous steps again.

Note: If your coil is not as uniform as you would like, take your chain nose pliers
and place them at the bottom of the coil and through the loop (top of coil)Then gently squeeze them together.
Here is a completed link. Make as many links as you need to aquire the desired length. Join your links either to each other (shown below) or use jump rings, or connectors of your choice.

Finish with clasp.

Joining links: make your loo
p form first, then slide a closed link onto it before wrapping the wire to close the loop.
When closing your loop, hold it with your chain nose pliers as shown. Remember to keep your wire towards the top and then wrap evenly and trim...then tap the trimmed end close to end bead.  

You have completed a join.
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