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The price of  wire actually fluctuates with the daily market value of each metal.

Gold Wire:
14k Gold
This wire is solid 14k gold and is NOT hollow!
I use this wire mostly for my handcrafted ear wires unless a customer requests a pendant, bracelet, or earrings in 14k.  If making my neck wires, I use the size of 19 gauge (almost 1mm) wire and it is made to my  specifications in flexibility.  For my ear wires, I use 21g wire because some people have smaller holes and 20g is too big. I am picky about the wire I use in all my creations, and I want the wire to be the best!

Gold Filled
Also called 14k jewelers wire and what I use most. It is also known as 14k Rolled Gold or commonly known as 14k Gold Filled.   There's 100 times more gold in a gold filled piece of wire jewelry than in something gold plated.  This makes it a reliable lifetime investment. Rolled gold wire is made by a process using 14kt Gold sheets, bonding it through extreme heat and pressure to a core of semi-precious jewelers brass. The end result. . . . a 14kt gold encasement around jewelers brass. This is a highly technical process. Only a few wire mills produce this product. The end result is a mounting material that is of high strength and high luster.
I prefer this wire to solid 14k. Not just because it is more cost effective, but it is easier to work with and highly durable.  It won't crack,  flake, or chip under normal use, and for most people it will last a lifetime. As a matter of fact, there are still pieces of gold filled wire jewelry around from the 18th century.

Silver Wire

The silver wire I use consists of .925 sterling silver and does not contain nickle. I also use Argentium sterling silver and .999 sterling silver.
Unfortunately silver does tarnish with time, but if you keep your designer wire jewelry in a plastic zip lock baggie,  it will stay shiny a lot longer. Argentium sterling silver takes a lot longer to tarnish, therefore, I like to use it with pearls.

Copper Wire

This wire has grown with popularity due to the high cost of silver and gold. I have always enjoyed creating and wearing copper jewelry.
It has been said that copper may have some healing qualities. I hope that is true, as I love to wear it. Like silver, it will age and change colors. It is not hard to make shiny again if you so desire. Some people like the more aged look.

See my instructions on how to care for your wire jewelry
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I have also started to compile FREE wire jewelry tutorials which can be found HERE.
You will also find information about wire gauges to use and tips for those just starting out in wire jewelry.