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Q: Is shopping on your site secure?
A: Yes! All critical information is encrypted for security. I use Mal's shopping cart which is Hacker Safe and Thawte secured. Your information is never shared.
Q: Do I have to have a Pay Pal account in order to use my Credit Card?
A: NO! You can choose how you would like to pay, and are NOT required to use Pay Pal. I do have it as an option for payment. You may call in an order, mail in an order, fax in an order also!
Q: Are all the stones real in your jewelry?
A: I am a lover of stones from Mother Earth...however, I rarely use LAB created stones in my faceted gemstones.  On any occasion that I do use such a stone, I will always state if a stone is LAB created.
Q: What is a LAB created stone? Is it a cheap fake?
A: Lab created stones are not fake at all and they can be very expensive also. Recent technology has advanced to the point that scientist can create environments very close to that of Mother Nature. As a result, crystals can be actually "grown" in laboratories, creating a product with the same chemical properties as crystals grown in Mother Earth. The lab grown gems are expensive to produce and cost much more than other synthetics. Even though these stones are expensive, they are still more affordable than the same stone from Mother Earth.
Q: If I receive my order, and I decide it just isn't for me...can I get my money back?
A: Yes...if it was an unaltered item, you will get a 100% refund! No questions asked. (see next question) The credit will appear on your credit card (if used) or a check will be issued to you if you paid by check. See Policies  for more information on returns.
Q: What if I have a special piece made and am not really pleased with it?
A: All custom made pieces are returnable. If you are not satisfied with your piece, you can return it for a full credit towards another item or items totaling the full cost of your piece. You will receive picture(s) of your special made piece BEFORE you pay for it. You do not pay for an item until you have approved the piece.
I have yet to be asked to take back a pendant, or bracelet, or earrings...still, it is a good question!
Q: What is considered custom made?
Custom made items, are items that have been altered in some way in order to meet your specific needs.  Please feel free to email me if you are concerned about the return of an item.
Q: How long will it take to get my order?
A: Unaltered items are shipped within 24 hours after payment is received, and usually takes 3 business days to receive. However, I am not the Post Office, so it can take longer. Custom made items will vary, depending on the availability of materials and difficulty in technique. Also, the number of items custom ordered will determine the amount of time it takes to ship. I will however give an estimated ship date and deliver on time or earlier.
Q: What happens if my order is lost?
A: First, I have never had an order lost in all the years I've been selling jewelry. I know I have been lucky however, as I have heard stories of it happening. Therefore, all items are trackable with either Delivery Conformation or Insurance. If an order is lost, you will fill out a form at the Post Office, and your money will be refunded.
Q: Do you let me know when my order is in the mail?
A: Yes, I will always e-mail you the day your order has been mailed. I will also send you the URL to go to in order for you to track your order. Your order's tracking number will be sent along with this shipping confirmation e-mail.
Q: Why do you use 14k gold filled wire and findings?
A: In a word...QUALITY. I only use a high grade 14/20 gold filled jewelers wire.
I also use 14k gf for affordability, and because it is a special jewelers wire that has been used for centuries. There are antique cameos that were made using 14k gold filled. These cameos are still beautiful today. You will find pieces in museums that were also made of 14k gold filled. So, durability is another reason I use this versatile wire.
Q: I can only wear 14k gold or 18k gold. Will the 14k gold filled break me out?
A: I believe it is rare that this happens, and depends on the person. However, I have not had any problems from any of my customers in the past 6 years. Note: All my gold earrings (even the gold filled earrings) come with French hooks that are solid 14k in order to assure a non-allergic reaction. Just in case. *smile*
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