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Supplies needed: Round Nose pliers
Flat Nose pliers
Chain Nose pliers
Sharpie Fine point pen
12" of 18 or 19 gauge wire (half hard or full hard) Ruler
Step 1: Take 12 inches of 18 or 19 gauge wire and measure 3 inches from one end and mark with pen - bend with chain nose pliers.
Step 2: Continue to bend till the 2 wires are flush. Then take your flat nose pliers and gently squeeze where the bend is to make the wires at the bend flush. Use a gentle tapping motion when squeezing. This will give you a smooth and even finish.
Step 3: Grab the wires about 1/16 of an inch from the bend with your round nose pliers.
Step 4: Bend the shorter wire around your pliers at the widest point of your pliers.
Step 5: Grab the wire to where it is lined up below the first bend with your chain nose pliers and bend the wire up.
Step 6: Now bend the wire again around the widest point of your round nose pliers. Cut off the wire so that it is even or just above the first bend you made. File the end till smooth. (I use the file as shown in Step 13 on next page.)
Step 7: Now grab the heart you have made, with your chain nose pliers, even with the top of the heart. Make a bend.
Step 8: Then take your round nose pliers and bend the wire around.
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